Friday, 19 September 2014

MOC: LEGO Technic Airport Service Support Truck

A few months ago I designed and built an off road aerial bucket truck MOC, this has been a main feature in my LEGO Technic display and at two expos this year.

With my recent change in direction towards aircraft related LEGO Technic, I have now modified this MOC (Modding a MOC?) and I would like to share it.  I call this MOC “LEGO Technic Airport Service Support Truck”

This LEGO Technic Airport Service Support Truck features:
- Hand of god steering
- Front mounted winch
- Fuel tank with fuel hose
- Under body tool storage
- Rear tray with frame for carrying parts
- Service ladder which is stored under the rear tray
- Aircraft jack (stored in the rear tray area)

I spent about 8 hours over the past week modifying this, removing the aerial bucket and building the new rear sections plus the aircraft jack, tools and spare parts.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

42006 B model MOD: Aircraft Towing Hitch

With my change in direction of my LEGO Technic collection (Recently trading my Unimog U400) I have designed and built a change to LEGO Technic set 42006, this is removal of the standard rear attachment which I have replaced with an aircraft towing hitch. This has been designed to lift and carry all my LEGO Technic aircraft (42025, 9394 A model, 9394 B model). In the case of 9394 B model I had to add a couple of short beams to the side near the rear wheel to allow the pins to lock in to place.

My future aircraft MOC's will all be built to use this towing system as standard.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Mini Building Review: 9393 C Model - Helicopter

Back in May 2014 I came across a website of an excellent LEGO designer named Tomáš Vít ( designs models using just the parts from a single set, these are known as "C models". At the time I was looking for some ideas for a C model of set 42006, he had designed a bulldozer which I built and was very impressed with.

Recently with a change in focus of my LEGO Technic collection I have done a trade deal with a friend of mine to swap some sets, as part of this deal I ended up with set 9393 (tractor). I have previously owned this set and have built both the A and B models a number of times. I did some research online and found that he had published some instructions to build a helicopter out of this set, base don my new focus this fits in with it well.

I spent an hour yesterday afternoon building this, it was a fairly easy process and I am very impressed with the end result. The gear on the side turns the main and tail rotors, the gear at the rear controls the landing gear.


Left over parts

Beside 42004 for scale

Sunday, 7 September 2014

LEGO Display at MAICon Launceston 2014

On Saturday 6th September 2014, Tasmanian Brick Enthusiasts Inc. were invited to display at MAICon Launceston, this is a popcom / cosplay event held at the University of Tasmania Newnham campus. More details here:

James, Matthew and myself had 6 tables full of LEGO between us, below are some photos I took during the day.