Thursday, 31 July 2014

Lam's The Best Grill

A new bar / grill opened in Riverside, Launceston.
We have been twice (lunch and dinner) and have been very impressed both times. I can recommend the steak sandwich and cheese cake, both the best I have had, ever :)
The staff / service is great and very fast, the menu has a wide range of choices and the prices are very reasonable given the quality of the food.

Unimog U400 Attachment - Wood Splitter

Following on from my previous LEGO Technic Unimog  attachments, I recently decided to design and build something a little bit different which I had not seen built before, a wood splitter attachment for LEGO Technic set 8110 (Unimog U400).

As I am modifying my Unimog in to a logging / remote area camping unit this fits in well with this theme, it an be used both for splitting firewood to sell and also at the camp site for a camp fire. 

The design process for this started out with me researching some information online including some photos and videos of these in use. Many years ago I used these myself, both the common stand alone units (photos) and a much larger tractor mounted unit (photos) for splitting firewood. My memories of these helped with the design and building process. Overall I spent a few hours researching / designing this and about three hours building / testing it over the past week. 

The features of this are:
- Raising / lower wood splitter via the PTO.
- Splitter ram controlled via leaver on side using the PPTO.

While the photos below all show this mounted to the front of the Unimog U400, it could as easily be mounted to the rear, this would make sense if the split wood was being thrown directly in to the rear tray.



Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Bennemans oh-so-controversial thoughts on The Lego Movie

This thread on Eurobricks is very funny :)

The original post by Bennemans is below in full, reproduced with permission.

"Alright… I know I'm gonna get lynched for this… but am I really the only one who absolutely HATED the end of The Lego Movie??

Hear me out… I loooooooved most of the movie, I squeed at all the references! The mention of "the man upstairs" was a nice touch to me, indicating they are actually living in an imaginary play-world…
but then…. ohhhh then…
When Emmet fell to the real world the movie lost me. "Ah, that's a shame, I wished they left it open to the viewer to interpret wether or not the story is in a persons imagination… but ok", I thought to myself. But it went from slight disappointment into blind hatred within minutes. Wait, so the kid is actually playing with his dad's collection?? Even though he knows he's not allowed?? Yeah, of course dad is pissed! And then this "but daaaaaaad, you can't expect me NOT to play with it" BS!?!? Yes he can! That's called discipline! That's called listening to your parents! When I was a kid I had respect for my dad's model train collection, and I only played with it when I had permission (and that was together with my dad). And the kid has got a great lego collection all to himself! In a big box! Look at what he made with Cloud Cuckoo Land! But that wasn't enough for him, right? Spoiled egotistical brat.
Talking about parents, where is this kids mom??? Why hasn't she been wondering where her kid has been for the past hours?? Why hasn't she come down looking for him, scolding him for demolishing his dad's (insanely expensive and work-intensive) stuff?? Is she too busy making tacos? Why wasn't the door to the basement locked in the first place??

Wait a minute… the dad wasn't in the basement for the entire story??… soooo… who was actually using the Kragle during the movie??? THE KID??!?!?!?!?! THE KID was the one kragle-ing Bad Cop's parents?? And the Super Secret Police Dropships at the CCL invasion?? And even the citizens at the start of the climax?? (and yes, it's heavily implied they are actually kragled; Bad Cop's parents are being de-kragled at the end) WOW! This KID is the bad guy here!!!

And the dad actually giving in to this monsters demands?? I'm not buying it! I'm not agreeing with dad btw; kragle-ing is an absolute no-go. But hey, it's HIS stuff, bought with his own money, so who are we to judge? Plenty of people glue their creations together (including TLC btw), paint their figures, or customize their bricks in other ways, what's wrong with that?? "Everything is awesome!", except if you're an adult, enjoying a hobby in your own way. Then you're the bad guy.

The message went from "let your imagination flow" to "f**k up your parents s**t and they'll love you for it!"… Just waiting for the moment little Billy rips open the mint in box classic Star Wars figures of his dad's prized collection "Geez dad! It's a toy! Haven't you seen The Lego Movie!?". Or Suzy cutting the hairs from vintage Barbies "Oh Em Gee, uncle Steve and aunt Bob, stop your crying! It's, like, a toy ok?!"

I'm not saying kids shouldn't be allowed to play with lego, or that you shouldn't be allowed to use your imagination, but I'm saying kids need to respect the rules their parents impose on them. Except for this kid; this kid I would't mind if he didn't look before he crossed the street. And it's not like the dad completely banned toys from the household; the kid has his own big box full of interlocking building bricks! Ungrateful brat...

I've rewatched the movie dozens of times, but quit before the ending most of the time. I absolutely love its humor and the artwork is amazing!

Pfoo… I needed to get that off my chest"

What are your thoughts on the LEGO Movie? 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

LEGO Storage Cases - July 2014

After using this storage case for a few weeks ( I have now found that the lids don't seal the sections totally, I found this out when I opened it up and found some of my parts mixed up.
I have now stopped using this and replaced it with two of these from Bunnings:

The advantages of these case system are many. I am very pleased that they seal totally, can be carried the right way up, are easy to carry, allow the individual cases to be used and even each tray can be removed if needed. As my parts collection grows I can easy add more of the racks / trays, my long term plan is to have 3 or 4 of these. 

The single biggest advantage I have found is that I can easily carry them out to the lounge room when I wish to build in that room, they are also "cat proof" which is very important for me.

Overall at $30 each they are excellent value and work much better than any other cases I have used in the past. You know it is a good month when you spend more on LEGO storage than LEGO itself, I am sure most AFOL's know what I mean when I say "The more you spend on storage, the less you can spend on bricks".