Sunday, 20 July 2014

LEGO Storage Cases - July 2014

After using this storage case for a few weeks ( I have now found that the lids don't seal the sections totally, I found this out when I opened it up and found some of my parts mixed up.
I have now stopped using this and replaced it with two of these from Bunnings:

The advantages of these case system are many. I am very pleased that they seal totally, can be carried the right way up, are easy to carry, allow the individual cases to be used and even each tray can be removed if needed. As my parts collection grows I can easy add more of the racks / trays, my long term plan is to have 3 or 4 of these. 

The single biggest advantage I have found is that I can easily carry them out to the lounge room when I wish to build in that room, they are also "cat proof" which is very important for me.

Overall at $30 each they are excellent value and work much better than any other cases I have used in the past. You know it is a good month when you spend more on LEGO storage than LEGO itself, I am sure most AFOL's know what I mean when I say "The more you spend on storage, the less you can spend on bricks".