Monday, 12 January 2015

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Not My Normal Type Of Post - LEGO Themed Party Ideas

MOC: Technic Logging Trailer MK3

Over the past few years I have built a few different trailers, these have varied between general purpose trailers, heavy equipment carrying trailers and logging trailers. Growing up I have always had a fascination with heavy equipment like this, many of my early LEGO Technic builds were of the various machinery I saw in use around me.

After purchasing LEGO Technic set 42030 (Volvo Wheel Loader) late last year I designed and built a few different attachments, the details of these can be found on my blog. Late last year I designed and built an equipment trailer to carry these attachments, after a week I decided that I was not 100% happy with this so over the weekend I pulled this down and built a new / better trailer. This I am calling "Technic Logging Trailer MK3" as it is the third serious attempt I have made at building a logging trailer since I became and AFOL, I think it is my best so far.

This trailer is designed for carrying logs out of forestry operation areas. It has a front set of wheels which lift and allow it to be connected to the back of the Volvo loader (I am planning on building another truck to tow this), it has a capacity of about 20 logs. I also made some modifications to my grabbing claw to now have forks which are used for loading and unloading this trailer. This trailer, my Volvo wheel loader and various attachments will be the main feature of my display at our Brixhibitions across the state this year.

Video of this in use

Update - 14/01/2014:
Following some feedback and advice after publishing this online earlier this week I have now made a number of changes to this:
- Changed from single rear axle to now have both front and rear axles.
- Removal of front jockey wheel set up.
- Added a support leg for the draw bar.
- Changed towing hitch.
- Extended tray and filled in gaps.
- Added extra lights to top of rear forks.
- Changed some colours of parts to be more consistent.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

AFOL - A Blocumentary

A really good half hour video about AFOL's (Adult Fans Of LEGO). Well worth watching.

MOC - Camera Mount

Back when I owned LEGO Technic set 9398 I designed and built a camera mount for the roof, this allowed me to video this driving around, it was suitable for the task but didn't look very good (a mix of colours) and needed modifications to the roof of 9398 to support it.

Recently I decided to try and design / build a camera mount which was more universal and could be used with different sets, the basis for this was the Volvo wheel loader (42030) but with a view to using it on other sets in the future. 

Last night I spent an hour watching the cricket on TV and building this. I am much happier with this version as it is mostly a standard colour (Black), can be easily installed and removed as the grey legs fit in the roof space and beside the cabin of 42030 to support it and finally it holds the camera at a good angle. Below are some photos and a video of this in use.

Monday, 5 January 2015

LEGO Technic 42030 - MOD: Lift and Carry Crane Attachment

Today I have finished my latest attachment for LEGO Technic set 42030, this is a lift and carry crane. The idea for this came about from a PDF file I found on the Volvo website which showed some of the attachments which Volvo offer for this model of wheel loader.

This attachment is used for lifting and carry various items such as pipes, timber and building materials. 

A video of this in use can be seen below.


LEGO Technic 42030 - MOD - Tilting Dozer Blade

I have just finished work on my latest MOD attachment for LEGO Technic set 42030 - Volvo Wheel Loader, this attachment is a tilting dozer blade.

Last week I built a road grader attachment, this didn't work out as well as what I had hoped so I pulled this to pieces and used the blade from this as the basis to build this dozer blade.

The remote bucket lift function lifts this and the remote bucket tilt functions tilts the blade backwards. It attaches to the Volvo wheel loader using the standard mounting points.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Todays Build - LEGO Technic 42028 A Model Bulldozer

A photo of today's build, LEGO Technic 42028 A model bulldozer.

My Building / Display Area - January 2015

Recently I have received an email via my blog from a fellow Technic builder asking for some advice on building / storage / display solutions. I have recently sorted out / rebuilt my collection so while it was clean and tidy I have taken the opportunity to take some photos and do a small write up on what I have found to work for me. As I am a Technic builder this works with that type of building, others who build different themes might need a different solution.

Overview Photo - I share half of our spare room with my wife, she has a desk for her uni work behind me.

Building Desk - This is just a 180cm x 74cm folding table I purchased from Officeworks. My building guides live in the magazine holder on top of the draws.

Storage Draws - These hold spare batteries, tools and stuff.

Storage cases for my parts

My Display Cabinet - This was purchased from Fantastic Furniture in late 2013 and is a good size for my collection. I have recently added a sash lock and padlock to keep our cats and my new daughter safely out of it.

Friday, 2 January 2015

LEGO Technic 42030 - MOD Road Grader Attachment

Following on from my previous MOC attachments for LEGO Technic set 42030 (Volvo loader) I have recently researched and built another attachment, this is a road grader.

I purchased a earthmoving trade magazine a couple of weeks ago and while reading this I can across this sort of attachment, the ones I saw were designed to be used with "bobcat" type tracked loaders, I have taken this idea and modified it for use on the Volvo loader.

The idea for this road grader attachment has been on my mind for the past week or so and I did some basic design work on this last weekend, my original idea was to simply have the blade raise and lower. Yesterday I was able to get a few hours to work on starting to build this, as I was working on building it I decided to see if I could also make the blade turn from side to side, this I felt would make it much more realistic and life like. After about five hours yesterday and another couple of hours today refining some details I am happy with how this has worked out.

This road grader attachment uses the standard mounting points and has two functions:
- Raise / lower (This uses the bucket lift remote function)
- Blade rotate (This uses the bucket tilt remote function)

Some photos and a video of this in use can be seen below which show it in use.


Wednesday, 31 December 2014

MOC - Equipment Trailer

Over the past few days I have designed and built a equipment trailer which is towed behind LEGO Technic set 42030 - Volvo Wheel Loader.

The idea for this came about after building the Volvo wheel loader and then some different attachments for it, I thought it would be good to have a trailer to carry the bucket and other attachments.

More details on this can be seen in the video below.


Thirdwigg - Top 14 MOCs of 2014

Thirdwigg has published his top 14 MOCs of 2014:

This is a really good idea and it is good to look back at some of the best MOCs of 2014.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

MOD - 42028 Road Ripper Attachment

Following on from my mini photo building review of 42028 B model, where I said that I was not that impressed with the standard attachment I have now designed and built a different attachment for the rear of this model, this is a road ripper attachment.

These type of attachments are used for road works to rip up the road surface before it is replaced. This is raised and lowered using the knob on the top of the cabin.

Below are some photos and a video of this. I have spent about 4 hours working on this over the past few days.

UPDATED - 3/1/2015: After some feedback online I have now made some changes to this and how it works. The road ripper now lifts straight up and down like real life machines do. Photos below.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

LEGO Technic 42028 - B Model Photo Building Mini Review

When the second half 2014 LEGO Technic sets were announced I was fairly excited, three sets were announced and all of them sounded quite interesting to me.

42028 - Bulldozer
42029 - Customized Pick Up Truck
42030 - Volvo L350F Wheel Loader

For Christmas this year I was lucky enough to receive all of these sets as gifts, I have now built them all and while building this sets I decided to take some photos.

When I first opened this set I was planning on building the main A model (bulldozer), I noticed that the building guide for both the A and B models was included so decided to instead tackle the B model, this is a trench digger which is something different that I have not seen built in LEGO Technic before.

The building process was a nice way to spend a couple of hours late on a Saturday afternoon, it took me just over two hours to build this with me stopping to take the photos and grab a drink. The building process was fairly easy and except for a small mistake I made with building the rear attachment where the blades would not line up I had no issues.

Overall I am very happy with the main part of the model itself and think it looks really good and could almost be an A model by itself. The rear trenching attachment is a different matter, simply it is not fun to use. I was expecting that this would be driven off the tracks, when you push it forward the blades turn, instead you have to turn a knob on the top as you push the model forward. To me this is very unrealistic and limits the play-ability of this model. 

I am planning on removing this and using some of the spare parts to make a better attachment. If somebody was to buy two of these sets and build them both they would have a nice display pair.